Membership Benefits

Earning Points:

It is as simple as producing your Club Noble membership card every time you purchase food or drinks at the Club. Each purchase earns you points that are credited to your ‘points account’. One point is earned for one dollar spent – for example, purchasing a $25 meal at the bistro will earn you 25 points. Just entering the Club can even earn you points. And when it’s your birthday, from September 1st 2015 you are automatically credited with 2,500 points to be spent at the Club when you swipe your card during the month of your birthday.

Member’s Kiosk:

Upon entering Club Noble, simply swipe your membership card at the touch-screen kiosk inside the main foyer, where bonus points will be credited to your ‘points account’. The screen will confirm your membership number and name and provide the total dollar value of your points at that time. You can check the value of your points status at any time by swiping your membership card at the kiosk.

Redeeming Your Points:

Points earned can be redeemed for food or drinks by simply requesting your purchase be subtracted from your membership points account. You require one hundred points to purchase one dollar of goods – for example, the 2,500 points credited for your birthday will allow you purchase $25 worth of food or drinks. The amount of points required to purchase food from the bistro is printed on the bistro menu, next to the normal purchase price of each item. Purchases using redeemed points can only be used for goods to be consumed in the Club and cannot be used for ‘take-away’ purchases such as packaged beer, etc. Points will automatically expire twelve (12) months from the date they are first earned. When redeeming points our system will use the oldest points available.

Membership Draw:

As a member you are automatically entered in our weekly membership draws and get the chance to win a minimum of $1000. Draws are held every Thursday and Friday between 6.00 pm and 7.30pm. Members must be present to claim their prize.

Affiliated Club Membership:

With a Noble Park Football Social Club membership, you can join one or more of our sporting clubs. Joining fees are modest and you will quickly make new friends, become involved in many social activities, trips away and enjoy all the benefits a club membership brings you.


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